Opportunities to Serve

Outreach Ministry
The Outreach Ministry are volunteers who visit those who are nursing home residents and shut-ins from our parishes We are in need of more volunteers for this ministry. Volun-teers need to sign up for one month per year. Please call the parish office for more information.

Ministry of the Word
Lectors. In service to the assembly, these ministers are instruments through which God reaches out to His people and conveys His message of love and salvation through the proclamation of His Word. This ministry demands openness to the Spirit of God, insight, careful preparation and skills of interpretation and communication. Training provided.

Ministry of the Eucharist
Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist(Eucharistic Ministers).  These ministers serve the Assembly by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Holy Communion. Some also bring the Eucharist to the homes to the shut-ins, the ill, and those in convalescent homes or hospitals. Worship Coordinators set up for liturgy and assist the presider before and during liturgy if needed.

Ministry of Hospitality
Ushers.  Our ushers perform a valuable function in assisting all our parishioners and visitors. The ushers welcome and assist in seating those participating in liturgical services and special events. Among the ushers’ many duties is to distribute current bulletins and other documents relevant to that service, as well as to answer or appropriately direct questions. The usher also makes every effort to minimize possible distractions, aid parishioners when necessary, assist standees when seating is available and to direct the flow of communicants. New usher volunteers are always needed and welcomed.

Altar Servers
Children from our parish are encouraged to serve as assistants to the priests in the celebrations of Sunday Mass, weddings, and funerals. They also serve at para-liturgical ceremonies.. For first-time servers, training sessions begin each fall. Those who may have served in other parishes are immediately eligible.

Ministry of Music
Their mission is provide music that responds to the scriptures; support the assembly during liturgy through music; teach through the music the message of Christ; challenge the parish family to grow in our prayers and community life through careful and creative selection of the musical texts; provide an environment for members of the Music Ministry to grow in their own life in Christ; provide music for all aspects of the parish community as it works and plays together.

Faith Formation
We are always looking for volunteers to help with our faith formation classes - both as catechists and as classroom aides.  Training is provided!  Contact Denise at the parish office if you are feeling called to pass on our faith to the children of our parishes.