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The Holy Name Society promotes the honor and glory of our Divine God and the personal sanctification of the members by acts of love and devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus. The spirited life of the members is a perpetual act of reverence.

Our members perform the Corporal Works of Mercy; to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, shelter the homeless, tend to the sick, visit those in prison and bury the dead. As well as the spiritual works of mercy to convert, sinners, instruct the ignorant, counsel the wayward, comfort the sorrowing, bear adversity patiently, forgive offenses and pray for the living and the dead on a parochial, diocesan and national level.

The Holy Name Society promotes the respect for the most Holy Name of God, faith in the Catholic Church and the magisterial, loyalty to one’s country and respect for all lawful authority, both civil and religious.

The Objectives

The Holy Name Society is an established Confraternity of the Church. A Confraternity is a voluntary association of the faithful, established and guided by competent ecclesiastical authorities, for the promotion of the special works of Christian charity of piety.


Principal Objectives of the Holy Name Society

Include the following:


  1. To honor the Name of God and of Jesus Christ by example of a strictly Catholic Life.
  2. To spread devotion and increase love for the Sacred Name of Jesus
  3. To suppress devotion and profane and indecent language.
  4. To prevent false oaths, in and out of court.
  5. To impart courage to Catholic men in the profession of their faith.

The Vocation of Every Man is to help Perform the Works of Christ among his Fellow Man.

God the Father needs man to fulfill his plan of creation.

God the Son needs man to fulfill his plan of Redemption.

God the Holy Spirit needs man to fulfill his plan of Sanctification.

St. Brigid Holy Name Activities

Spiritual Activities:


  • Annual masses for members and deceased members of the society
  • Attend WNY Men’s annual retreat and conference
  • Assist at daily and weekly masses as lectors Eucharist ministers and ushers


Corporal Works of Mercy


  • Fellowship programs that build relationships
  • Financially support diocesan and parish fund raisers
  • Scholarship Awards recognizing active parishioners 
  • Funds for needy Families
  • Handy Man support to Parishioner’s through the HART Team
  • Facility Needs


Social activities to build community

  • Golf Tournament
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Children’s Christmas Party    
  • End of Year Banquet Dinner
  • Tour of Local Community facility/business of interest
  • Chicken BBQ

Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM from September to June in the Saint Brigid Parish Center.

For more information contact Ted Darocha,  ted.darocha@gmail.com  or through the Parish Office at 585-768-6543     

Last Updated February 2021