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"The 99 Experience"

Join us for "The 99 Experience," an opportunity to grow in our faith and for our parish to become an even stronger and more inviting community. The 99 Experience is for everyone. Learn from leading Catholic evangelization experts in The 99 Masterclass. This series teaches Catholics the most effective ways to share the good news of Jesus with the world. Join us as we build a movement of evangelization and learn to grow in Catholic community.

What is The 99?

The 99 is a resource designed to empower all those who serve the Church, in the work of evangelization. If we want to be effective evangelists, we must continually be growing in our relationship with Jesus and in our relationships with our co-workers in the vineyard. We must find ways to engage the many Catholics who are currently unengaged. This resource offers a way to build an evangelization team, form new relationships, and grow community.

Who is the 99 for?

The 99 Masterclass videos and guide are designed to help any Catholic learn principles and practical tools for effective evangelization from seasoned experts in the field, but it has a specific focus on helping parish-based teams (parish staff, dedicated volunteers, and engaged parishioners) prepare to implement an evangelization plan using The 99 Experience and The 99 Handbook. While The 99 Experience videos and The 99 Handbook are designed to be beneficial and informative for every Catholic, they have a particular focus on reaching out to those who are not fully engaged in their relationship with Jesus and the Church. The 99, then, has been intentionally created to be accessible to everyone, meeting them where they are and engaging them, regardless of their knowledge of the Church’s teachings.

How is The 99 a “new system for evangelization”?

We know that programs do not evangelize; people do. Our hope is that The 99 will be a new “toolkit” for Catholics to evangelize more effectively at the parish level and beyond. The 99 is ultimately about building community—for it is in community that effective evangelization takes place.

Visit ascensionpress.com for more details.

 See Fr. Mike Schmitz: "Pray The Mass Like Never Before" | https://youtu.be/YpUp6zSGCb4

Join us for "The 99 Experience Day" April 23 from 3pm-9pm. Questions contact Gary Privitera at: [email protected] or call: (585) 768-7535 leave a message.

See detailed 99 program information in 3 free videos here: https://ascensionpress.com/pages/the-99-minimasterclass-video-1
Meetings will be now be in person not virtual.

Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus meets on the Third Tuesday of the month at the K of C Hall.

small-Love_Bugs_Logo.pngRECYCLE FOR LOVE BUGS: Your refund for can and bottle deposits can help our children at Love Bugs Pre-school. Take your empty bottles and cans to Mickel’s Nickels, 80 Lake Street, LeRoy and tell them you would like the money to go to Love Bugs Preschool. It is that easy! We thank you now, and the children will thank you later!

Thursday Eucharistic Adoration follows the 7:30 am Mass. Adoration closes at 6:30 pm with evening prayer and Benediction. Please take a moment to stop in the Our Lady of Mercy Church during Adoration and spend some time in prayer.

ADULT FAITH FORMATION—Join us every Wednesday evening from the comfort of your home from 6:30-8:00pm to learn more about our faith and enjoy inspiring conversation. To join in the group contact Denise Spadaccia at (585) 356-4174 or email her at [email protected].

Spiritual Direction/Consultation Available by Appointment for Individuals and Families in Crisis.

On-Going: Free phone or on-line platform calls available on a ‘by appointment’ basis.

During this time of challenge for the Church and for our communities, free spiritual services are available.

Offered By: The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith. The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation headquartered in the Philadelphia area does spiritual outreach for families in crisis. The initial mission of the foundation is to families affected by divorce and separation. Check-out podcasts on varied topics at “Philly Nonnatus” on YouTube
and Subscribe. Appointments Available with Fr. Kenneth Breen, O.deM, Spiritual Moderator and Anne DeSantis, Director.

To learn more: Visit the website: www.nonnatus.org or email [email protected].

Podcasts for Catholics Affected by Divorce and Families in Crisis.

Two podcasts are being offered through the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family, and Faith.

  • Podcast for Catholics Affected by Divorce and Separation
  • The First Tuesday of each month, 8 – 9 p.m. Eastern Podcast for Families in Crisis.
  • The Last Thursday of each month, 8 – 9 p.m. Eastern

Both podcasts are available on YouTube, Facebook, Podbean app, and Tune In app. Subscribe to the “Philly Nonnatus” YouTube channel, and on Podbean and Tune In subscribe to: “Patchwork Heart Minis-try.”
More information go to the foundation website at www.Nonnatus.org, text or call 215-870-9913.



THE DEACON’S CLOSET is available year round!. The purpose of this ministry is to assist those who cannot afford medically needed equipment to assist with in-home care with items such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, com-modes, etc. If you need the use of items or want to donate, please call 585-813-3588. There is no charge for the use of equipment.